The Hag Tree

The Hag Tree


Rumors are whispered in dim taverns about a peculiar tree residing deep within a murky swamp. It is said to be a giant misshapen thing, oozing with malice. Some hold that it was once a dryad's tree back before the glade it stood in fell under a curse. Others suspect it is home to a cruel coven that preys upon the flesh of men and women. All are agreed that something evil now festers within.

The Hag Tree is a multi-level 20”x30” battlemap of the lair of a coven of hags (or witches) designed both to be printed out and used at the table and to be used on Roll20 or your preferred virtual tabletop.

  • VTT Screen resolution (72 dpi, 1 inch = 140px) grid and gridless versions of the map that have been optimized for Roll20 and can be adapted to other VTTs;

  • PRINT a print resolution (300dpi) U.S. Letter sized PDF containing grid and gridless versions of the map each spread over multiple pages for printing;

  • DESCRIPTIONS the PDF also contains a handful of pages describing the areas shown in the map and offering suggestions as to what might lurk within.


This product is for private use only.

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