Ice Port - Commercial License

Ice Port - Commercial License


Are you traveling through a wintry expanse?  In need of a remote port in the lands of frost and ice?  Maybe your quest involves locating a banished prince.  Or perhaps you are defending the realm against the ravishes of pillaging frost giants.  Whatever the story, ice port is a map sure to satisfy your needs .

  • 2 high resolution color .png versions of the map (one with labels, one without);

  • 2 PDFs (U.S. letter and A4) containing the two versions of the map each spread over a single page.

  • Commercial License.


While ownership and copyright of Island keep are retained by Tad Davis, under the commercial license agreement you are granted certain rights to use, reproduce, redistribute and modify Island Keep for commercial purposes, subject to certain restrictions. For full details please refer to the License Agreement.

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