The Hags' Tree Sneak Preview


Concept Art for the Exterior of the Tree

Hi everyone. In the next few months I plan to roll out a series of tactical encounter map-packs for sale at this site’s storefront. The first of these is going to be the lair of a coven of hags.

Located in an ancient tree within the heart of a festering swamp The Hags’ Tree will be a multi-level affair that will feature several different areas for adventure. First there’s the swamp itself, which will no doubt have all manor of unsavory creatures living within, some of which may have been pressed into the service of the hags. The hags may even have some sort of guardians stationed at the dock or at one of the two upper balconies.

A stairway from the steps leads up to a grass hut built into the hollow of the tree. This area will likely include the hag’s kitchen and dinning room. The scene within is a foul and gruesome one. Rotting half-eaten humanoid carcasses and and other filth lie scattered about the interior. Access to the other levels of the tree can all be found here as well.

A ladder within the kitchen leads down to a root cellar within the base of the tree in which can be found dried hanging fish and marsh-weed, as well as wooden crates filled with live creatures.

A stairway within the dining room leads down to the Hag’s apothecary. Shelves are crammed with herbs and jars filled with everything from eyeballs to desiccated amphibians. Here also is the hags’ cauldron.

A ladder within either the kitchen or dining room leads up to a loft above where the hags sleep. The loft is decorated with the skins of humanoids.

A doorway built into the side of the tree leads from the loft up a flight of stairs to a crows nest at the top of the tree. Bedding for some sort of airborne creature or creatures can be found here. Perhaps this is a home to a murder of crows which can serve as additional eyes to the hags, or maybe a clutch of stirges, or perhaps this is the lair of some prehistoric winged reptilian. That’s all up to you.

At this point I’ve completed the linework for the exterior of the tree. The next stage will be to draw the interior levels. I may have another preview once these are created.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to make for ideas for upcoming encounter maps feel free to let me know in the comments, I’m open to suggestions.



Finished Linework for the Exterior of the Hags’s Tree