The Hag Tree

The Hag Tree Title.png

Rumors are whispered in dim taverns about a peculiar tree residing deep within a murky swamp. It is said to be a giant misshapen thing, oozing with malice. Some hold that it was once a dryad’s tree back before the glade it stood in fell under a curse. Others suspect it i home to a cruel coven that preys upon the flesh of men and women. All are agreed that something evil now festers within.

Well it took a bit longer than expected to complete but I’m happy to announce that The Hag Tree battlemap is now available for purchase over at the storefront. This is multi-level, multilayered 20”x30” battlemap of the lair of a coven of hags (or are they witches) designed both to be printed out and used at the table and to be used on Roll20 or your VTT of choice.

Designed for VTT and Print

Designed for VTT and Print


The base layer is 20"x30" and consists of the exterior swamp, a small dock with a set of stairs that ascends upwards to a higher level, and three interior areas including a kitchen, dining room and apothecary. A root cellar and a loft are offered on separate 8"x9" layers. Another 16"x22" layer shows the interior of a crows nest at the top of the tree. Finally grass roofs for the kitchen, apothecary and crows nest are offered on separate layers which can be added to create a "fog of war" effect.


Here is how the layers all stack together


While this is a map rather than a published adventure, included within are a few pages describing the areas of the map and offering ideas as to what may lie in wait within.

Description Pages.jpg

Here are some closeup images of various layers of this map:

A view of the docks

The dining room

The apothecary

May this map serve you and your players well.

The crows nest