Maps for Griffon Lore Games


Last year I was commissioned by Griffon Lore Games to to do a couple of maps in a realistic style for their first publication, Curse of the Lost Memories. This was to be the first module in a sweeping Adventure Path the company sought to fund via Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign managed to exceed everyone’s expectations, generating seven times the initial amount of funding sought. As a result of reaching their stretch goals, I ended up doing another couple of maps for the module.


However in a way the module was a victim of its own success in that it took nearly a year for it to be released given the additional content that needed to be added due to all of the stretched goals that were reached. However it’s out now and, as a backer, I’ve just received my copy and I have to say it was worth the wait! The production value of this module is fairly high for a small publisher. The cover and interior art are excellent. Beyond the pieces I contributed the talented Anna Meyer also created a stunning campaign map for the module as well.

If you are into gritty hard fantasy, this may be a module you’ll want to check out.