Illum Commission WIP

Here’s a look at the finished line-work of a commission I’m currently working on. This map is intended for a RPG setting which employs a lot of Gothic horror tropes. The players begin their adventuring careers as members of a prestigious monster hunting guild known as “The Red Cloaks”. Given the themes we agreed it would be fun to add some monsters along the borders of the map.

There are two sets of mountain ranges flanking “the known lands” with clouds looming overhead which demarcate “the unknown”. The southernmost city is constructed over the remains of an enormous dragon.

The map dimensions are a bit different than what I’m used to working with. The map is intended to be displayed along one column of and A4 sized pdf document, so it’s rather long and narrow. I’m just now finishing up flatting in the colors and then I’ll move on to rendering this piece.

Linework for Illum