Greenhaven Commission WIP

I’m currently working on the first in a series of city maps for Brian Lions for an upcoming published RPG setting and thought I’d show the progress. Greenhaven is a port city built within a swamp. The original city was built upon wooden platforms resting on a stone foundations within a large lake. The architecture of the city has Chinese influences. A large oval stone wall within the lake surrounds the city. The entryways of this wall contain chain boons that can be lowered to allow vessels in to port.

The portion of the city located on dry land is newer and largely has more of a Romanesque flavor, though there are also a Dwarven and Halfling district with their own unique style. A crude semicircular wooden palisade surrounds the newer portion of the city. The buildings beyond the palisade have all recently been destroyed by the ravages of a great wyrm.

Here is the approved concept art:

Concept Art Small.jpg

And here is the completed linework: