Hammerstone Commission

Hammerstone, a city caught between the worlds of humans and Orc, is about to be thrust into a violent conflict that will determine whether or not the two races may live at peace with each other. This is a look at a map I created for J.A. Alexsoo’s forthcoming novel, Blood Branded.

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The Hag Tree

Rumors are whispered in dim taverns about a peculiar tree residing deep within a murky swamp. It is said to be a giant misshapen thing, oozing with malice. Some hold that it was once a dryad's tree back before the glade it stood in fell under a curse. Others suspect it is home to a cruel coven that preys upon the flesh of men and women. All are agreed that something evil now festers within.

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Welcome to Iconic Maps

If like me you have a fascination with maps, if you are looking for instructional guides to create your own maps or are looking for more map resources for your own campaign, stick around, we’ll have all that in spades.

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