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Freelance Fantasy Cartography


My name is Tad Davis and I am the cartographer behind Iconic Maps. The first map I ever drew was for an RPG campaign setting I created back when I was twelve years old. Little did I know then that this map marked the beginning of a lifelong love affair.

I work digitally and specialize in hand-drawn styled maps. In the past decade I’ve worked with a host of clients that include novelists, table-top role playing game companies, computer game companies and game masters to create dozens of maps. More recently I’ve begun releasing royalty free maps suitable for use in RPGs, novels and other game industries.

In a former life I studied to become an academic. I am now a full time dad. When not busy drawing maps and changing diapers I can be found tending my vegetable garden, playing D&D and sipping scotch over a book of philosophy.



Ready made map-packs may be purchased at the shop and come in either a private or commercial license. For commission inquiries please contact the studio.



Palladium Books, Griffon Lore Games, Knight Errant Games, Grasswatch Games, Wakerift, Voyager World, Vasco A. Cardoso (author), J.A. Alexsoo (author), Kyle Lynch (aspiring author).

I had a delightful time working with Tad Davis. He clearly explained what would be involved with my project and was patient with all of my questions. Tad made the process feel easy and welcomed my input and suggestions. His creative side is spectacular, and I am amazed by his work. Tad is a skilled artist and cartographer and I highly recommend him.
— J.A. Alexsoo, author of the forthcoming novel, Blood Branded


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